A.M. Juster

Poet, Translator, Essayist


A.M. Juster's books include: Longing for Laura (Birch Brook Press, 2001); The Secret Language of Women (University of Evansville Press, 2003); The Satires of Horace (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2008); Tibullus' Elegies (Oxford University Press, 2012); Saint Aldhelm's Riddles (University of Toronto Press 2015); Sleaze & Slander: Selected Humorous Verse 1995-2015 (Measure Press 2016) ; The Billy Collins Experience (Aldrich Press 2016) and The Elegies of Maximianus (University of Pennsylvania Press 2018).

Forthcoming in 2018 will be  Milton's Book of Elegies. He has won the Howard Nemerov Sonnet Award three times, the Richard Wilbur Award, the Willis Barnstone Translation Prize and received other recognition, including two honorary degrees. 


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Not much can be known about the life of Maximianus, who has been called "the last of the Roman poets," beyond what can be inferred from his poetry. He was most likely a native of Tuscany, probably lived until the middle of the sixth century, and, at an advanced age, went as a diplomat to the emperor's court at Constantinople. Continued...

If, as William Blake insisted, “Opposition is True Friendship,” A. M. Juster and Billy Collins should be bosom buddies. The two poets are complete opposites, Juster a formalist, a classicist; Collins, a populist free-verser. But this hilarious collection brings them together as a comedy team, albeit Collins may chafe at having to play the straight man. After all, continued...

Sleaze & Slander collects twenty years of the humorous verse of a poet funny enough to revive the nearly lost art of light verse. His mastery of meter and rhyme allows him to deliver the unexpected punchline flawlessly. He can capture the voice of classical Roman satirists or dueling medieval Welsh poets, but he can also mimic the voice of his contemporary, former Poet Laureate Billy Collins. He is unafraid of imposing targets, such as continued...

The first and one of the finest Latin poets of Anglo-Saxon England, the seventh-century bishop Saint Aldhelm can justly be called “Britain’s first man of letters.” Among his many influential poetic texts were the hundred riddles that made up his Aenigmata. In Saint Aldhelm’s Riddles, A.M. Juster offers the first verse translation of this text in almost a century, capturing the wit, warmth, and wonder of the first English riddle collection. Continued...


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