A.M. Juster

Poet, Translator, Essayist

Sleaze & Slander collects twenty years of the humorous verse of a poet funny enough to revive the nearly lost art of light verse. His mastery of meter and rhyme allows him to deliver the unexpected punchline flawlessly. He can capture the voice of classical Roman satirists or dueling medieval Welsh poets, but he can also mimic the voice of his contemporary, former Poet Laureate Billy Collins. He is unafraid of imposing targets, such as Bill Gates or the Supreme Court, although his favorite target is himself. He moves from the tabloids to the military threat of Canada to annoyances in the workplace to greeting cards with equal fluency; he even adds a quiz. As long as you are not mentioned in Sleaze & Slander, this is a book that you will enjoy and want to give to others.

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